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MASTERSON ONLINE: Controversy vs. core values

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 12 Jun 2021
And Rich Lowry wrote that Hannah-Jones' lead essay leaves out unwelcome facts about slavery, smears the Revolution and distorts the Constitution ... felt the need to go back and change a crucial passage yet not eliminate its unsupported assertion about slavery and the Revolution.

COVID-19 was meant to usher in a flexible work revolution. But for part-timers, it's making ...

Business Insider 12 Jun 2021
The flexible working revolution has, in fact, largely been a remote working one, which mainly benefits workers who left their offices but still keep full office hours ... For others, the furlough scheme (where the government pays 80% of salaries) is masking the fact that their jobs ...

Rainbow pride flag does not belong at Memorial Building

The Milford Daily News 11 Jun 2021
Framingham's servicemen for whom this building was solemnly built came from all backgrounds, social strata, and walks-of-life. Their surnames, listed in the Great Hall, attest to this fact, yet they did not fight in the struggles of the American Revolution, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea or Vietnam in order to serve separate sects ... John A.

Bitcoin Beach, child labour, Oman’s youth and an $18.9M coin

Al Jazeera 11 Jun 2021
Many of you may be meeting up with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while after the isolation of the pandemic, which means you need some fascinating facts to sprinkle into all those new conversations. This week’s topics range from El Salvador’s Bitcoin revolution to mass ...

The bombing of Cubana Flight 455: Interview with filmmaker Enrique Berumen

People's World 11 Jun 2021
The first revolutionary decree, in March 1959, two months after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, was the creation of ICAIC in order to have a national cinema, a national memory, a place where an oppressed Latin America can show its stories from its point of view.

Thinking It Through: If Walter Cronkite's ‘You Are There’ had been a fact-checking program

Daily Press Victorville 10 Jun 2021
But a revolution of sorts has taken place, directly fueled by the modern media’s commitment to the fact-oriented news story but ultimately by the rise of modern empirical science that exalts facts over so-called “values,” meaning anything that cannot be reduced to sense perception and quantification.

Pundits Twitter-whip BoJo after PM takes private jet from London to Cornwall to attend climate-focused ...

Russia Today 10 Jun 2021
Boris Johnson has been mercilessly heckled after flying to a G7 summit in Cornwall – where he says environmental issues are top of the agenda ... He pointed to the fact that his 10-point plan for ushering in a “green industrial revolution” includes the goal of getting to “jet zero as well as net zero.” ... .

Why is populism so unpopular in Japan?

Al Jazeera 10 Jun 2021
Harris contends, in fact, that there was a “populist moment” in Japanese politics in the 1990s and 2000s that was effectively terminated with the rise to power of Shinzo Abe at the end of 2012 ... She attributes this characteristic to the fact that “Japan hasn’t had such a neoliberal revolution”.

Is neoliberalism finally ending in Chile?

The Real News Network 09 Jun 2021
Most of the attention has been paid, correctly so, to the outcome of the constituent elections and the very fact that these elections were held in the first place ... The Frente Amplio congresspeople who signed on were accused of saving Piñera’s ass, because he was about to fall and we should have let the revolution occur on the street.

Why Mass Effect Legendary Edition was like "remastering people's memories" for BioWare

Games Radar 08 Jun 2021
How BioWare's focus on choice, consequence, and compelling characters helped kickstart an RPG revolution. The fact that so many harbor great affection for the trilogy demonstrates how well Mass Effect has held up over the years.

Carbon dioxide levels peaked at nearly 420 parts per million in May — the highest ...

The Daily Mail 08 Jun 2021
At this time, the sea level was a whopping 78 feet (24 meters) higher than in the present day, while the average global temperature stood at 7°F (3.9°C) higher than it was before the Industrial Revolution, Dr Tans noted. In fact, the temperature was so warm during this period of ...

Man City star has the highest estimated transfer value in the world ahead of Haaland ...

Caughtoffside 07 Jun 2021
If there’s one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has affected as much as anything, it’s the transfer value of players ... MORE. Arsenal are broke it seems ... Jose Mourinho set to raid former employers Tottenham or Wolves as his Roma revolution begins ... In fact, he only comes fourth in that particular list behind three players from Manchester ... .

Slow down to keep up with digital transformation

Business Day 06 Jun 2021
The old idiom of one man’s meat being another’s poison could not be more poignant in 2021 ... Even in the context of the fourth industrial revolution it all starts with people ... The fact that we are well and truly into the fourth industrial revolution means we have exponentially more tools at our disposal to achieve that outcome ... .

Stephen Kessler | Postmodernism and populist know-nothingism

Santa Cruz Sentinel 06 Jun 2021
Woke academics have put those bogeymen in their place, but so have the boogaloo boiz invented a mythology of their own based on what they also think of as a revolution — and they’re not theorizing about it but trying in their locked-and-loaded way to create their own facts on the ground.

June 4 should not be celebrated in Ghana – Effah Dartey

Ghana Web 05 Jun 2021
Capt ... He condemned the conduct of the military during that revolution where young soldiers used guns to attack the command structure and the fact that innocent citizens were gloomily brutalized ... But Mr Oppong said Dr Ayine’s comments even attracted the displeasure of Supreme Court justice Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu, who was a panel on the programme ... .