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Delineating China's renewable energy transition

China Daily 25 Feb 2021
This directive will boost the production of electric vehicles and their batteries, considering the fact that China is home to the world's largest automobile market. The revolution of renewable energy bolsters China's global leadership on climate change especially as the influence of fossil fuel exporters is declining.

5 Common 5G Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Interesting Engineering 25 Feb 2021
Whether you are for or against the impending 5G "revolution", there is little doubt that it is splitting opinion in society at large. But, what are the facts about it? ... That's a few ... Source. What does 5G mean? ... In fact, back in June of this year, we wrote an article dedicated to this very subject ... In fact, many supporters of 5G believe it will at all ... 1.

Abellanosa: Edsa 1986

Sun Star 24 Feb 2021
Worse, they are aware of the existence of the wealth, but they deny the fact that it is not the product of their toil but merely inherited ... In fact, it is the same argument constructed with the same logic used by the dictator who was overthrown by the revolution ... of facts.

Researchers use new tool to study stress in root-colonizing bacteria

Phys Dot Org 24 Feb 2021
In their study published on Dec ... "There's a lot more emphasis into what's called the 'microbiome revolution,' you know, the fact that you carry four pounds of bacteria on your body right now, and it's not all bad; in fact, it's mainly all good," said David Britt, full professor of biological engineering at Utah State ... Explore further ... A dynamic duo.

Ghannouchi says Tunisian revolution needs help

Middle East Monitor 23 Feb 2021
"This is in light of the Tunisian people' frustration regarding the slow progress of economic reform since the revolution, apart from the fact that no job opportunities have been created and there has not been an improvement in the quality of life as expected.".

Here’s a thought: Shorter summer breaks for students post pandemic

Hindustan Times 20 Feb 2021
Second, school vacations as they’ve evolved since the Industrial Revolution were an arbitrary and bad idea in the first place ... In fact, the long summer breaks had more to do with the hell of city life during the Industrial Revolution, before air conditioning and other creature comforts.

Armenia’s Prosecutors Want to Criminalize Defamation of Government Officials

Asbarez 20 Feb 2021
All forms of defamation were decriminalized in Armenia in 2010 during the rule of former President Serzh Sarkisian ... “We are expressing our disappointment with the fact that the authorities formed as a result of the 2018 revolution are planning unacceptable restrictions on the freedom of expression,” stated the 11 organizations ... .

Tribes Revive Traditional Hemp Economies

Resilience 19 Feb 2021
In fact, there were several raids on his crop between 2000 and 2002 ... We see a New Green Revolution in Indian Country, tied to justice, economics, restoration ecology, and a return-to-the-land movement, and it’s growing ... In the next economy, hemp will be foundational to the just transition, or the New Green Revolution.

Nasa’s Mars landing is a reminder that good science depends on good politics

New Statesman 19 Feb 2021
While the Perseverance rover may open our eyes to new truths about the universe, on Earth the war on fact continues ... The scientific revolution introduced an entirely new attitude toward what could be considered fact ... The US has already rejoined the Paris agreement, but the war on facts waged by Trump is far from over.

Judge orders 2 Capitol insurrection suspects to remain in jail

Politico 18 Feb 2021
Though neither defendant has an extensive criminal history or posed a serious risk of flight, Lamberth leaned heavily on their statements to local media — embracing armed revolution, and expressing willingness to commit violence and even die to stop the election results — as proof they would be dangerous to others.

Remember When …

The Flushing View 18 Feb 2021
Madame CJ Walker who invented hair care products and was the first self-made female millionaire Photo provided ... We need to get back to the days when we invented things here in Genesee County ... Michigan was a big part of the Industrial Revolution from 1790-1840. During Black History month, I wanted to share a few facts ... Madam C.J ... .

If Ulster Bank leaves, consumers will be the big losers

The Irish Times 17 Feb 2021
There have been a number of new entrants in the Irish market too, such as Revolut, N26, Avant, Finance Ireland to name a few ... In fact, it hasn’t changed its rates since 2019. The same could be said of the likes of Revolut and N26 ... In fact, both AIB and Bank of Ireland have recently hiked charges on their current account offerings.

The danger of the work from home revolution

The Spectator 17 Feb 2021
The work-from-home (WFH) revolution has clearly won hearts and minds ... But without mitigating strategies in place, the shock therapy of the work-from-home revolution could end up destroying any hope of a great British economic comeback ... Some firms have already cottoned on to the fact that the WFH revolution will have devastating effects ... .