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3 curious facts about Viktor Vasnetsov paintings

Russia Beyond 27 May 2024
But he is much more beyond that ... Viktor Vasnetsov ... And it dates back to the year 1917, when the Bolshevik Revolution took place. The artist worked on the painting for almost 20 years and, in fact, didn't give it any revolutionary meaning at all ... .

The Perplexing Geography of Abortion Opinion

TPM 27 May 2024
These adaptations caused their religion to spread rapidly across these cultural regions, helped by the fact most Anglican priests had fled to England when the American Revolution broke out, leaving their congregations ripe for poaching.

AI and the need for ethics

Korea Times 26 May 2024
We, as humans, have been through a number of technological revolutions since the invention of the wheel. However, this revolution is different in many respects, and one that really stands out is AI creativity. In fact, it has already outpaced humans.

The Government’s Noilerplate Reply to Net Zero Criticism

The Daily Sceptic 26 May 2024
In fact, it as often as not shows the opposite ... The climate policy agenda, far from creating a ‘green industrial revolution’, powering ‘green economic growth’ and ‘green jobs’ may have in fact prevented a recovery from the 2008 financial crash.

Bitcoin is now a threat to us all

The Spectator 24 May 2024
trading grains of rice with his fellow inmates at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center ... What happened to the electric car revolution?. Whether Bitcoin is rising or falling, or who is buying or not buying it, nothing alters a basic fact ... .

Review: Julius Evola’s Three Aspects of the Jewish Problem, by Marshall Yeats

The Unz Review 24 May 2024
... Finally, adds Evola, “as to the active forms of Jewish subversive intervention, certain facts remain indisputable, such as the Jewish influence that has accompanied almost all modern revolutions.”.

On Memorial Day, let's also honor others fighting to be free

Newsday 23 May 2024
In fact, Ukraine after the 2014 “Revolution of Dignity,” which ousted a Kremlin-allied regime and brought in pro-Western, European-oriented leadership, has probably been as robust a democracy as any ...

Revolution, fear and power: The unseen threads connecting Stalin’s Russia to modern America

Alternet 23 May 2024
... the Russian Revolution of 1917 ... In fact, the period from the end of WWII to the 1980s Reagan Revolution was one of the most stable — and successful — for American capitalism in our nation’s history.

New discoveries about the nature of light could improve methods for heating fusion plasma

Phys Dot Org 23 May 2024
These two types of motion typically do not affect each other; for instance, Earth's rotation around its axis does not depend on its revolution around the sun. In fact, the turning motion of all objects with mass can be separated this way ... DOI ... On arXiv.

The Rez of the Story

Lakota Country Times 22 May 2024
... July while denying the facts of our heritage ... Reparations would mean a revolution of American consciousness, a reconciling of our self-image as the great democratizer with the facts of our history.”.

Now Playing in Theaters: May 22-28

Seven Days 22 May 2024
Listings include new movies, vintage films and a directory of open theaters ... The latest from Angel Studios tells the fact-based story of an eye surgeon who escaped China during the Cultural Revolution and tried to restore a blind orphan's sight.

The far-right mainstream in Europe promotes neo-fascism

Blitz 22 May 2024
Volodymyr Ishchenko, a research associate at the Institute of East European Studies (Freie Universität Berlin), has explained that, since the 2014 Maidan revolution, “pro-Russia” has been in fact used ...

Europe’s Far-Right Mainstream with the Meloni-Von der Leyen Political Alliance

GlobalResearch 22 May 2024
Volodymyr Ishchenko, a research associate at the Institute of East European Studies (Freie Universität Berlin), has explained that, since the 2014 Maidan revolution, “pro-Russia” has been in fact used ...

Attracting large scale mining enterprises

Manila Bulletin 21 May 2024
When we refer to a country going through the process of an industrial revolution (as happened in ... The so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0 (e.g ... In fact, since the Philippines has hardly completed IR 1.0.

First World War and Imperialism. Dr. Jacques Pauwels

GlobalResearch 20 May 2024
There was in fact another alternative to peace, namely revolution ... political and social-economic order via revolution even though, as we have seen, they had in fact discreetly become reformist.